I'm an actor, writer and video director in Los Angeles.

I perform often at the UCB Theatre, including every Monday at 7pm with The Smokes and every Friday at 9:30pm with Your F**ked Up Family.

Recent acting I've done (my reel): An appearance on Broad City, the Comedy Bang-Bang podcast and some FunnyOrDie videos (Message from Adam Scott, Mass Shootings News Team).

Other stuff: the web series Very Mary-Kate (I play "Fat Professor," thank you very much) and Bad Dads with Michael Cera (I play "Bad Dad"). I've done fun stuff for Above Average (Sustainable Kidnapping, Waco Valley, others). And a million things at

I direct videos for,, and myself (my director's reel).

I've acted in shows for ESPN, Adult Swim, Mo Rocca and a million web videos on FunnyOrDie and everywhere.

I write funny things and strong-arm my friends into reading them.