Truly an Amazing Fantasy
Spite presents:
The Day I Was
Called Spider-Man

by Brian Hines
with photos by Core Hanley of the Daily Bugle

There we were, all sitting around on the porch playing cards with only a citronella candle to light our game. I saw a lone moth flutter about the light of said candle. I studied it, judged its speed, and in one swift swipe, grabbed the moth in my hand and threw it behind me. It was at that moment I received the single greatest compliment of my entire life:

"My God, That Was
Just Like Spider-Man!"

I'm serious. She said it. If Kristin, who I've met maybe twice, didn't have a boyfriend who I find approvable I would have proposed for her hand in marriage on the spot. She called me Spider-Man! I have memories of people calling me charming, athletic, smart, and once even brilliant. That's all crap now. I was called Spider-man.

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