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After that big long post of our feud day, I think I should write down a quick smattering of the fun we had on the CG Road Trip. The fighting was one day, but other 12 were fun and fight-free — and that’s a far more positive ratio than I was expecting when I went into this. So in the interest of fair reporting and what I’m hoping is a new habit of dwelling on the positive (will not happen), here are some cool things about the Chris Gethard show RV trip which wrapped up Thursday night with a show at UCBT-LA.

  • The hot springs in New Mexico with Melanie Hamlett. Beautiful, soothing and a miracle — I would not have ever visited these without this trip. That we all got naked in a “this is no big deal way” was actually secondary to how amazing the springs were themselves. And I also soaked my hairy naked self in the frigid water of the Rio Grande to simulate going to Tenth Street Baths.
  • Doing our entire show for five organic farmers in the back of their coffee shop before they shuffled off to live in their backyard “yerts.” Even though the hostess said that my “costumed sucked” (referring to my normal clothes) it was a fun and ridiculous show to do.
  • Driving across America. The mundane things like deciding when and where to sleep, when and where to eat — were all fun and exciting. The logistics of travelling made me forget about stresses from the regular routine. It was somehow very fun to be shaving with my shirt off in a Wal-Mart bathroom at 7 in the morning. I felt like a society drop-out driving a truck, but in a freeing way.
  • Doing the show 7 times. I’ve never toured, but for this trip I felt like a rock musician, working on my set, seeing the show firm up, learning how it played for different audiences. I was genuinely curious and confident by the time we got to LA to see which version of the show would emerge for the UCBT-LA audience (the best one did, I think).
  • Getting to know the band and re-know my friends: except for the overly-documented feud, everyone pretty much always got along, and was very businesslike about dealing with the cramped quarters. I guess no one would have agreed to go if they weren’t cool with living small for a while. We slept head-to-toe as we crammed at one point 11 people in an RV built for 8 and really had nary a complaint (except a few arguments over who snored the most loudly). I got to know the guys in the LLC (the band), I got to hang out a lot with Gethard and Spo and Fanelli. Got to talk a lot with Riley and DeMuth and JD and Bethany and Erika. My favorite parts were driving all night, getting to chat and share music with whoever was in the passenger seat. Much earnest playing of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Smiths, Gin Blossoms (yes), Replacements, Beyoncee and lots of other stuff. DeMuth and I developed ridiculous unusable comedic characters, JD and I argued film, Riley and I talked about girls, lots of of fun shit.
  • On that same note, everyone learning to appreciate everyone else’s strengths for getting through stuff.
  • One more word about that fight day: it was real, and it hurt. But we all did talk about it like adults and fixed that shit fast. Perhaps the most reassuring thing was how quickly we acknowledged stuff and moved on. Having a show to do helps you get over stuff.
  • Seeing UCBT-LA and having all the NY ex-pats come out. Scheer and Owen and Mantzoukas and DC and Sanders and Dippold and Lennon and St. Clair and Finkelstein and Kula and Eric and Tricia and Eugene and Elaine and everyone. Reassuring and exciting. And Neil Campbell and Cody and Susan and Lindsay putting up with our smelly asses.
  • Seeing Black Swan at the ArcLight. That movie was fun, yo.
  • Seeing Route 66
  • Changing plans last minute because of twitter, like when we went to Philly and wrestled a sketch group.

It was really fun, I’m glad I did it. Thank you Gethard and everyone.



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