Speciality Beatles Remixes

Shot of new Beatles Mono and Stereo box sets.


Beatles fans, you already know that this Wednesday you can buy brand new versions of the Fab Four's catalog -- in two different versions! One in the original MONO mix, and another in the more rarely released STEREO mix.

On the word "MONO", A graphic labeled MONO shows a head with a drawing of the four Beatles hovering by each ear.

On the word "STEREO," another graphic labeled STEREO shows a head with John and Ringo by his left ear, Paul and George by his right.


Sure, it's the same music -- but a true Beatles fan will want to hear how each mix accentuates those great songs differently.

A graphic of a guy with headphones in the middle. A MONO "Help!" CD on the left and a STEREO (two images close together like a blurry 3-D image) "Help!" CD on the right.


And today we're announcing an even more special version -- an STER-MONO mix -- pumping the MONO mix to your front 2 speakers, and a STEREO mix to the rear two! Compare in real time! A must for any true Beatles fan!

Diagram of Guy in chair with four speakers. The front two each have four Beatles coming out, the rear left has just John and Ringo, the rear right has Paul and George.

FOOTNOTE: Minimum four speakers required.


How about a BOOSTED TREBLE IN THE LEFT EAR ONLY mix? Well, for the first four albums -- you've got it!
For the next seven, there's the WE MADE RINGO'S HIGH HAT LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING mix! And don't forget the ONLY THE GOOD STUFF MIX, in which we've straight out deleted any song with a sitar in it.

For Boosted Treble, we see the head with all four Beatles crowded by his right ear, and just a triangle and a bird by his left ear.

For HIGH HAT, we see tiny Beatles with a huge hi-hat set.

For GOOD STUFF, we see a sitar next to the head, and then that sitar breaks into a hundred pieces.


Our OCD MIX presents the tracks rearranged into alphabetical order, comes with bubble wrap to pop while you listen!

We see the head, now with two hands below it holding bubble wrap. The eyes on the head are closed.


Remember, these special mixes are each available in convenient $300 box set form -- but if you want individual albums, that's easy too! We're selling them from midnight to 12:15am Wednesday via the web, at a we're-not-telling-you-yet URL. You'll need an entry code currently available only on the back of the urn that's holding George Harrison's ashes.

We see the same illustrated head in front of a computer. There is a clock and an urn next to to the computer.


Or if you're in Liverpool this week, on Saturday at noon we're going to fire several copies of each mix out of a cannon. If any survive the blast and you catch it, it's yours!

Image of a canon firing. The head is positioned to catch whatever flies out of it.


Box sets available online. Order today, and we'll include the Rolling Stone's 55-album catalog on a flash drive for a dollar!