KEVIN HINES waits in line at the bank with his friend SPORTY.

A GANG OF THIEVES enters, with their LEAD THUG in front.


Everyone hit the floor! We are robbing this bank!


Kevin! You've got to change into your superhero uniform and fast!


Don't I know it, friend! We'll see how confident these robbers are once THE RED SWORD steps in here.


Quick! While they're not looking, duck into that supply closet!

KEVIN ducks into the supply closet.

KEVIN heroically thrusts open his sports jacket and casts it aside!

He smartly snaps down his pants, revealing the red pants of a superhero costume underneath!

He deftly kicks off his shoes at the same time he slides his pants off!

He boldly tears open his shirt, showing the top half of his uniform -- there is a RED SWORD on a field of white!

He whips off his glasses and casts them aside!

He grabs his jacket and pulls out a ring!

He drops the ring, catches it in mid-air, and puts it on!

He tucks his hand into the back of his costume and slides out a cape!

Under his arms are two laser guns -- he slides them forward to sit on the top of his wrists!

He reaches under the ankles of each pant leg and unrolls the fabric to cover each foot!

And finally, with a solemn air of duty, he plucks a simple "phantom" style mask out of his sleeve and presses it to his face!

He starts to step out, then steps back and pulls a collapsed sword out of his discarded jacket. He expands it to full length and brandishes it heroically.

With a stern expression, he pushes open the supply closet.

There are bodies everywhere.


(gasping, lying on the floor)

They shot everyone and left.